Eu não sabia o que eram, até que um comentário no Flickr me fez ir atrás da tradução. Dimples são covinhas. E eu achei a palavra tão bonitinha que resolvi botar aqui.

Da Wikipedia: Dimples are visible indentations of the skin, caused by underlying flesh, which form on some people’s cheeks when they smile.
Dimples are genetically inherited and are a dominant trait. Dimples on each cheek are a relatively common occurrence for people with dimples. A rarer form is the single dimple, which occurs on one side of the face only. Dimples themselves are actually caused by having shorter muscles.
Dimples are considered attractive in some cultures. Babies commonly have dimples, but sometimes these disappear (or become less noticeable) as the muscles lengthen with age; consequently, dimples are often associated with youth.

E, by the way, eu nunca tinha notado as minhas covinhas.